Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hi, In this blog i intend to inform you all of the similarities and differences both in English and American sport. As a member of the University of New Mexico mens tennis team, and coming from Sheffield, England, i have gained a great understanding of the way sport is treated in both countries and i am looking forward to sharing this information with you.
Please feel free to add any comments or questions. I am open to anything and i hope i can be of help to anyone trying to gain knowledge on the two sports.


  1. Here are the aspects that I liked about your blog. I like the colorful background and pictures that you posted on your blog. It makes the blog inviting to your audience. I also liked that you mention you nationality in your profile. By mentioning your nationality, you gave yourself credibility on this subject.

    I also have a couple of suggestions for your blog. You should try to mention in your profile the type of sources that you will use in the blog. You will receive even more credibility in this subject. Another point that I would like to make is that your first post is a little bit confusing. I know that you're going to analyze golf and soccer; however, in the beginning of the post, it seems that you're going to analyze all sports. I would suggest that you clarify the sports you're going to analyze in the beginning of the post. Overall, your blog looks great.

  2. Wow, quite a lot of exciting utubes going on. The layout looks great. I'm glad you'll be doing some comparision work, a task that will ptobably be pretty challenging. Any chance you could go into more of the social differences between the two sports, how does the general public differ in their interactions with sports between the two countries?

  3. Love the layout of the blog and I'm impressed by the collection of video's you got up. It's refreshing to see a blog that doesn't just talk about the Big Four American sports, instead taking advantage of a unique point of view. I can imagine you are quite the Beckham and Tiger Woods fan. I really like the name, it gives a sense of truly having a differant POV.

  4. Well these guys already beat me to the punch on a lot of points. Like the others, I like your layout. It's colorful but they colors don't seem to clash, and the text on the blue (Im assuming that's what color it is) background is soft and easy on the eye.

    The videos are cool, although I think you have a duplicate video in the Beckham section. Are you going to be posting a lot of videos? Maybe you should give a short intro for each video describing how pivotal the moment was in the career of the athlete. Someone who doesn't watch a lot of golf or soccer may understand that both of those moments were great, but may not truly understand the magnitude of the athletes accomplishment.

    I like what you have going on so far!