Monday, March 30, 2009

The Presures on!

I have touched on the pressures of student athletes in the U.S and how that differs from over the pond in the U.K, so know i want to share some more information on the pressures that athletes in England face on a regular basis.

Notic how i used athletes and not student athletes. There really is no such thing as a "student athlete" in England. There are sports teams of course, but not in the same magnitude as here. However, profesional athletes are forever in the spotlight and with the English media being how it is, the presure is always on. Obviusly football (soccer) players are in the media more than most sports but it is not that i want to talk about. The middle of June when the Wimbledon tennis championships is on, the country hopes and prays that it is Britais year for a champion, and every year since 1936 when Fred Perry won one of his 3 Wimbledon championship.
Above: Henman Hounded by press.

The presures facing the top british players is phenominal and the press love to keep piling it on. Tim Henman was at the top of his game for many years and had a fantastic career in tennis, however, the media think differntly and deemed him as a failure and a let down because he had no Wimbledon tittle to his name, even though he played in arguably the toughest era of tennis to date and came incredibly close on a number of ocasions. Every year the press would build him up an just wait for him to loose so they could wrtite there next negetive peace about him.

After Tim Henmans retirement they chose a new victim, and it is now Andy Murray, Britains next big thing. He seems to be coping with presure of British media better and has allready prove himself to be a contender but there i believe that if he doesnt win a Wimbledon championship soon, he will start feeling the heat,m ust like Henman.

I feel because America has a lot of tennis stars, Andy Rodick, James Blake, for example, there is not that element of presure coming from the media and i think thats why they do better. The media frenzy surroundin Wimbledon will start up aagin come June and it will be interesting to see If Murray can silence the critics.


  1. Man, I feel bad for those poor players! I couldn't help thinking about how Americans seem to have an unhealthy obsession with celebrities and their personal lives. Do you think this is comparable to English tennis stars? Does the media critiscize just the player's play or their personal lives as well? Interesting article!

  2. The problem any British world class sportsman or woman has is that the media builds them up and if and when they fail, the same media are there to knock them, by accusing them of not having the determination of the Aussies or the motivation of the Americans.