Monday, March 2, 2009

The World Baseball Classic-Coming Soon!

The 2009 world baseball classic is fast approaching and it is something that will excite the worlds baseball fans. The tournament will take place in 7 different venues all over the world, including Tokyo and Mexico city. The best players in the MLB and other major league baseball teams around the globe will be brought together to compete for the world crown. English basball has never been a part of the culture and you would find it a tough task to try and get the majority of Brits into it. Cricket is fairly similar to baseball in that they hit a ball and run but the concept is slightly different. A batter is still out if he/she gets caught but differnt points systems are set up in both sports. I personally think cricket and baseball are both fairly boring and i could not sit happily and enjoy either. Cricket matches can last 5 days so you can imagine the intensity of a viewer to sit and engage for a whole 5 days. I am looking forward to seeing the format of the Basball classic and will definatly be watching out for the results and hoping the U.S.A can prosper!

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